Vehicle Imaging

Enhance your customers’ perception with high quality vehicle imaging

seatMotorclean believe in supplying its customers with the very best in all round services, we now operate an imaging service for your vehicles comprising of the following four stages,

  • Take pictures and video if required
  • Quality control the images from Motorclean head office
  • Upload to your websites including manufacturer sites.
  • Provide status reports of all un-imaged vehicles currently on your websites.

In an age where the customer’s first stage of research when buying a vehicle will be through the web, we believe that it is vital that dealership websites show their product quickly as possible and in its very best condition. This is just after a car has been valeted.

Benefits to using Motorclean for your imaging solution


  • Motorclean can image your vehicles at the point of valet while it’s in the best condition.
  • Daily on site resource for taking photographs
  • Frees up dealer resource to concentrate on selling
  • No disruption to displays
  • 24hr commitment to upload images
  • Managed process providing greater visibility to you and your customers visiting the websites.
  • Competitive rates

Research carried out shows there is a real need for a new imaging solution within car interior this product.

Are you suffering from the following headaches?

  • Low percentage of vehicles uploaded to websites
  • No reliable dedicated resources
  • Poor image quality
  • Lack of process and continuity
  • Short of time!
  • Lack of choice in the industry

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