London Marathon 2013

London Marathon 2013



The Event

Alan Cook is running the Virgin London Marathon – April 21st 2013

As most of you know, I have already completed the London Marathon three times (2009,10,11) which enabled me to raise over £10,000 for my chosen charity. Thanks again to all those who kindly donated.



The Charity

Well it’s time to give it another go and this time the charity I am running for has much more personal significance. My Mother passed away suddenly in June 2011 after having an epileptic related seizure and although she never suffered from epilepsy she was having night seizures in later life that are related to epilepsy and it was whilst having one of these seizures that she passed away. So this year I have decided to run the London Marathon for my Mother and also to try and raise as much raise money for Epilepsy Action.

Please find below a link to sponsor Alan:


The Preparation

Training has already started as I have been completing regular weekend LSR’s (Long Slow Run) of a minimum of 13 miles (Half Marathon distance) since late October and I ended 2012 with a 18.7 mile run on the 30th December.

Since then I have done a 19 mile run on 17th Feb and a 20 mile run on the 3rd of March so with only just under six weeks until Marathon day, the training is going to plan.

Run’s this week :       

20.0 miles Sun 3rd

7.0 miles Tue 5th

8.0 miles Thur 7th

15.0 miles Sat 9th


The Goals

  • To complete the London Marathon (26.2 miles) in 4hrs 30min or under
  • To run the whole distance without walking
  • To raise as much money as possible for Epilepsy Action
  • To make my Mother proud