Mercedes Trophy Event

Mercedes Trophy Event

Tens of thousands golfers from around the world teed off at the Mercedes Trophy event with their sights set on the world final, which started for its 23rd time. To qualify, the three-tier tournament began with local invitational tournaments, where participants can qualify for one of the subsequent national finals. Then, Some 33 teams from around the world travelled to the World Final in Stuttgart, where the best team and the best individual player are determined. The winners receive a chance to participate in the qualification tournament for the “Monday After Event” as well as being a VIP guest of Mercedes at the Major.

They deliberately decided on Stuttgart as the location for the final more than two decades ago. As they wanted the participants to experience the Mercedes brand values of fascination and perfection in the setting of the MercedesTrophy World Finals. Needless to say, the fringe events included visits to the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen, as well as an AMG driving experience in the SLS AMG, the ML 63 AMG or the SL 63 AMG, plus the presentation of the Concept Style Coupé.

One of the highlights of the finals was to tee off with none other than Bernard Langer.

After a fantastic five days Mercedes UK came a tremendous 2nd place and where presented with their trophies by the ex German football captain and Manager Franz Beckenbauer.

A big thank you from Shaun Calladine to Ridgeway Mercedes and Mercedes UK.