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93% of Motorcleans management team were promoted from within the company

Motorclean is always interested to hear from individuals who share the same commitment to excellent service, professionalism, and who have a keen motivation to succeed. We offer the chance to work in a business setting new standards for its industry with clear motivation to lead the way. Find out our current vacancies

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I started my journey with Motorclean back in 1997 as a young lad needing to earn money and thought that by cleaning cars this would be an ideal stop gap. I quickly realised that there was so much more to the valeting trade and Motorclean was a business that had great team spirit with opportunities to progress further into the management structure.


I regularly raised my hand for new roles and before long I was supporting Area Managers in a Divisional Support Valeter role. During this time I learnt how we operate in a wide variety of environments and also the different cultures that exist between dealer groups.  It was at this point my appetite grew for a much longer term career path within a business that provides great opportunity and variety.


My journey quickly progressed from this point and through lots of hard work I left my valeting work to carry out the following roles:

  1. Area Management
  2. Account Management (BCA large volume)
  3. Project Management
  4. Operations Management
  5. Special Projects

Finally, I have now reached the dizzy heights of Directorship heading up the development of our Operations team while also having a strong influence in the company’s innovation and processes.


I can say that the journey has not been easy but like any service industry we have lots of challenges that face us, Motorclean saw my hunger to succeed and developed my knowledge and skills to help me at every step along the way while opening the doors for me to make a strong success of my time here so far.


If, like me, you have a passion and the dedication to succeed then Motorclean is the employer for you. I have no desire to work anywhere else knowing that the Motorclean business will always be able to offer me my next challenge and keep me on a pathway to future success.


Good luck to anybody that is looking to embark on a career with Motorclean. With the right mindset and work ethic you will far surpass your goals and will certainly be challenged into setting new ones.


Nick Elsom – Operations Development Director

After moving down from the North of England to Essex in 1994, I applied for a Valeters position in Loughton and not too long after, was promoted to an Area Managers position looking after the BMG Group in Herts, Bucks and Beds. I was successful in that area for two years before being asked to look after inner London which I then managed for a further two years.


I was then given the challenge of overseeing the Midlands (approx. 30 accounts) which was a huge task at the time but I was learning a lot and certainly “earning my stripes”. In these 6 months, I settled the ship until reinforcements arrived and returned back to inner london in 2000 to continue my role as Area Manager.


The company had grown from around 100 dealerships in 1994 to 180 by 2001 and our structure consequently required additional resource so when a role of Regional Manager became available, I applied and was successful. My previous 4 years experience had heavily influenced the businesses decision on my promotion


I continue to run a region of five Area Managers and have developed them over the years to hopefully become potential Regional Managers in the future.


Motorclean has developed me over the years and in time will help me reach my final ambition of becoming a Director of this great company. I’ve been with Motorclean from boy to man and I have very much enjoyed the relationships that I’ve built with our different customers and work colleagues.


Motorclean have provided me with opportunities I never thought I would have had.

Shaun Calladine – Regional Manager

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