Working With Motorclean

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All operators are self-employed subcontractors. If you have any difficulty understanding the implications of this way of working please feel free to discuss it with your Area Manager who will be visiting your workplace at least twice a week.


Payment is based on incentive. The more cars you clean the more you earn. Cars not cleaned to standard will be returned to you for rectification before payment is authorized.

The rate per unit does vary from garage to garage, if you are not sure of the rates in the dealership you are working in please ask the Area Manager for details. These rates are reviewed on regular basis at Head Office.


Providing you have completed an application form and signed a copy of a subcontractor contract along with a bank detail form and your Area Manager has taken a copy of your driving licence and ID, your paperwork can then be processed by the Wages Department at Head Office.

The subcontractor week runs from Wednesday to Tuesday and all subcontractor invoices are to be completed, signed and passed to Head Office to arrive no later than the following Friday. This will ensure your invoices can be processed and payment will be made directly into your bank account the Friday of the following week.


Before commencing any work you should be in possession of a work docket giving instructions on what is to be done. On completion of the vehicle the docket should be initialed and dated. You should then return the docket to your Team Leader who will inspect your vehicle and then enter the details on to the dealership worksheet. At the end of each week the dealership will sign off the completed worksheet.

Fees will only be paid if the work docket and the worksheet agree. Failure to adopt the above procedure could result in non-payment of fees.


Motorclean supplies all bulk materials required for the job. However, all other items are provided to the subcontractor via the Area Manager and the cost of these items will be deducted from your fees. Details of these items are available from your Area Manager.


Motorclean customers have requested that all subcontractors wear corporate clothing identifying whom they represent. This enhances dealership security and protects personal clothing. Corporate clothing will be available on the day you commence work for us from your Area Manager.


As a subcontractor you must have insurance cover for Public Liability, property and vehicle damage. Your own car insurance does not cover you. Motorclean have arranged for all its subcontractors an extremely and economic comprehensive insurance. The cost is £12.00 per week. This gives you £1,000,000 cover on Public Liability. All accidents carry an excess charge as follows.

On net accidents values below £400 you will be charged the cost of the accident. On amounts over £400 you will be charged £400, unless Motorclean believe that your actions were grossly negligent, in which case you will be charged up to the full cost of the accident.


To ensure continuity of work you will occasionally be required to move from one dealership to another. Normally these transfers will not require excessive time or cost. If, however, this should occur, your Area Manager will contact the Regional Director for authorization on the transfer costs to be reimbursed.


In all our dealerships there will be C.O.S.H.H manual, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the C.O.S.H.H regulations. If you require any further information or have any queries regarding C.O.S.H.H or Health and Safety please contact Head Office on 01268 540200 and ask for the C.O.S.H.H advisor.


Subcontractors are expected to treat all equipment supplied to them with respect and to ensure the safe keeping of Motorclean property.

In addition, all work areas must be kept clean and tidy. Garage safety and cleanliness may depend on your cooperation.


Operators are normally requested to be on site during normal garage working hours. If you cannot work on this basis you should discuss it with your Area Manager who will attempt to find you work suitable to the hours you are prepared to work.


The success of our Company depends on quality and reliability of our service. These depend on you, the subcontractor. If for any reason you cannot attend work on a given day please contact your Area Manager or Head Office immediately. Do not wait until later in the day. Failure to do this could result in new subcontractors being taken on to do the work allocated to you. QUERIES

If you have any queries, your Area manager will be pleased to assist you.

August 2010